Who’s Francesco


Entrepreneur and Advisor in the Blockchain & Crypto industry since 2014.

Co-founder of BrightNode, a professional business consulting firm based in Switzerland with a wide global network, focused on blockchain projects: https://brightnode.io/

BrightNode offer one-stop-shop solutions for crypto projects:
– strategic consulting,
– blockchain software development,
– financial services,
– marketing,
– business development.

In particular we provide:
– Tokenomics consulting (Metaverse, Gaming, Land, NFTs, etc.)
– Tokenization services (company equity, security tokens, real assets, etc.)
– NFTs consulting + token creation and sale
– DeFi tools
– Token sale (private, IEO, IDO, liquidity pools, etc.)

BrightNode brings 30 years of founders experience in the financial and tech industry.

Francesco works as mentor and evaluator in European projects in the blockchain field.
In 2018 he obtained the certification for “Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application” at the MIT Sloan School of Management (USA).

In 2006 he worked for Google as Quality Rater.

25 years of experience in the Tech sector, as Co-founder or C-level in Business Development and Marketing & Sales for several software companies. 





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